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Muddy Adventure: On Easter afternoon, after a morning at Knott’s, Rachel and I decided to go paddle boarding in the Back Bay. I managed to paddle half an hour in with both of us on the bird, but the wind and incoming tide on the way back made for very slow progress. We finally got out and walked, but that resulted in me losing a shoe to 18 inches of mud, and then cutting my toe. Meanwhile Brett called me and i answered, yelling at my phone through the waterproof pouch and laughing hysterically. We eventually made it back. And got secret ice cream to make up for the trauma.

He Hits, He Scores!: Arthur hasn’t hit the ball his last few games, but today he was up to bat 3 times and got two hits. First he hit it to first and they fielded it and got him out. Then, he got a foul ball. His third time, he made it in base, then ran all the way home when the kid behind him hit a triple. He’s a fast runner, but our team does need to work on batting.


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