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Volunteer : This week I reflected on all the volunteer opportunities I had, and how, with my kids growing up, I have more opportunities to give back to the community. John and I both signed up to help at the school spring carnival. He helped clean up and I helped run the ticket booth. I also helped plan a Primary activity for Sienna’s group, made two teacher appreciation posters, accompanies Arthur’s class on a field trip to the fire station, and kept score at Arthur’s baseball game. And, all these things were fun for me. (In fact, when my ticket booth shift was over, I wandered around and was bored, so I went back and helped more.)

Piano Recital: The older three kids had their spring piano recital this evening. Maggie played a beautiful (and long) rendition of Moonlight Sonata. They are the most advanced student their teacher has, so their performance really stood out. Dalton played Habanera and Maple Leaf Rag, also very skilled. Sienna did two songs from her lesson book, and played them each really well.

We also opted for the inaugural city Pride event instead of church this morning. It was small, but fun. Came home with stickers, flags, bracelets, and bellies full of donuts.

Through the Looking Glass: This morning while I was fixing Arthur’s hair, he looked in the mirror and said, “oh, my shirt is on backwards.” He meant inside out, but what he really meant was he had no idea that mirrors showed a reverse image. I guess he’s never worn a shirt with letters in front of a mirror since he learned to read.


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