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Well Visits: The younger three went in for a well visit. Arthur is the heaviest of any of our kids ever.

Arthur (7): 49 pounds (41%), 4’2” (83%)
Sienna (10): 59 pounds (12%), 4’8” (75%)
Dalton (13): 85 pounds (16%), 5’3” (61%)

2022 Hikes: One of my 2022 goals was to do a 52 hike challenge. Two things that made it rougher were that John and I stopped going hiking nearly every single weekend, and Achilles tendinitis in August, that is still bothering me. I got in 37 hikes though, with friends or the family as much as with John. 87 miles of hiking. I hope to do double next year. I wish I went hiking at least once a week.


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