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Because We love You: Every year at the end of January, John and I write on 14 hearts for each kid, things we love about them. I stick them on their doors every night until Valentine’s Day. This year, Sienna got up early Valentines morning and cut out hearts for me (fun crafts!) and John (movie nights!). It was so sweet and adorable. We also made hearts for Wally this year. Here is what some of this year’s hearts said.

Maggie: best dog parent, conscientious student, fast reader, strong, theater lover, creative maker, foodie, patient, awesome rapper, putting yourself out there, animal lover, responsible, clever, getting it all done.

Dalton: big brother, curious leader, chef, helpful, biking stud, healthy eater, loves outdoors, athletic, big helper, likes to try new things, kind hearted, adventurous, natural leader, polite.

Sienna: overcoming fears, big imagination, good with kids and babies, caring, great reader, Wally’s favorite substitute, singer, creative, loves to laugh, solid dance, Wally snuggler, spunky, loves to play, learning new skills.

Arthur: love doing activities with you, Indiana Jones, baseball star, always up for an adventure, gel head, snug bug, games, koala bear, hedgehog duck face worm dance, easily makes friends, silly, kitchen helper, good friend, silly giggles.

Wally: the raised paw, secretly loves us, sled dog, afraid of plastic reindeer, ears, the nose boop, so happy to go anywhere, when the tail is up, getting used to doggie friends, great with kids, chicken!?, always hopping in the car, sees all, greeting us at the door.


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