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Gray Nails: Every time John gets a massage, which is monthly, I think about getting a pedicure. This weekend, my cousin Laura was visiting our cousin Michelle, and they invited me to get pedicures today. So John took Arthur to school and I drove down to Pacific Beach. Enjoyed a lovely pedicure and a lovely brunch. Even though gas is $6/gallon, driving to Pacific Beach was cheaper than getting a pedicure in Irvine. And the cousin time was just bonus.

New Things: In the last couple months, we’ve finally been buying some new furniture for our house. We got patio furniture, which we have loved using, two chairs for the living room, a couch for the office, and a queen sized bed for Maggie (and Wally). The house is twice the size of our last one, so it was about time. We only bought Dalton’s bed when we moved in.

Read the Signs: Watching my kids learn how to read is one of my favorite things about parenting. Arthur is currently into attempting to sound out street signs while we’re driving. It’s adorable.

His latest round of library book picks are all about sharks and dinosaurs. We love to read in the hammock together after school, and again before bedtime.


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