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Dalton Promotes: Dalton had a promotion ceremony at the end of sixth grade. He was recognized as a Super Seven - one of the kids who attended Oak Creek for all seven years of elementary school. He is really looking forward to junior high - the freedom of biking to school, choosing electives (culinary! Engineering!) etc.

He planned an outing with some classmates. He organized everything, texting his friends, researching how much things would cost. They went to the spectrum and had wetzels pretzels for lunch, played games at Dave and Busters, and got Yogurtland for a treat. I was really proud that he did that all on his own.

Super Saturday : The first day of summer! We spent it very well in my opinion. We spent all morning cleaning, emptying out backpacks, decluttering bedrooms etc. we had a yummy croissant breakfast sandwich lunch outside. John and I went for a walk to return the Pioneer clothes Sienna borrowed for Apple Valley, and ended up talking to our ward members for over an hour. Meanwhile, we got invited to play games at the park with some other ward members. We ended up having five families playing tennis racket baseball, and volleyball, with little kids and dogs running around. It was so great, the perfect summer afternoon. Then, because it was 6:30, we just went to The Stand for dinner, and then we had ice cream sandwiches he’s at home. Living our best life.


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