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Shy Guy: Arthur got invited to a taekwondo birthday party. He immediately said he didn’t want to go, though it was a good friend and we were free so I made him. He was shy of not knowing the moves. I had to drive him myself because he was nervous and he stood there shyly with his head tilted and his hands clasped the entire time. He did all the moves (ungracefully) but overall was uncomfortable and didn’t have a great time. The entire party was taekwondo, except cake.

Early Swim: This year, Maggie’s swim season started off with 6:30 swims, while the girls water polo season finishing after school pool use. Maggie hasn’t been hating it as much as I thought they would. When I told them that, they said they hate getting up early, but once they’re in the pool it’s ok. Considering they haven’t swam since the summer swim camp and are out of shape, I was impressed.

I’ve also been impressed by them responsibly setting an alarm, packing their lunch and backpack the night before, etc. This is also a season where they are involved in after school tech crew for the spring musical, so it’s been a busy time. I am happy to see them involved.


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