Traffic for 2003 October 10 (entry 0)

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A brush with fame: So every Friday the Marriott Business School has a seminar for the graduate students. Normally, we have large CEO's and CFO's address us from such institutions as The Gap, Procter & Gamble, and Black & Decker. However, today was a special treat because it is e-business week. The guest speaker was none other than......Donny Osmond?

So while it was great to realize that Donny wrote "Puppy Love" (I never knew that before), seeing a washed up teeny-bopper dancing in a one-piece polyester jumper somehow left me unfulfilled......I'm still looking for the less-than-obvious link between a Mormon pop icon and the complicated networking possibilites that corporate America and the Internet are about to unvail.......It definately wasn't supply chain management, that's for sure. If anyone else can see it, please let me know.

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