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Breaking the Law: In the spirit of tradition, BYU had their annual Homecoming parade this morning. It starts up by the Marriott Center and ends on our street. Lucky us, our street was closed all morning. To forseeably mitigate this dilemma, I proactively learned that at 10:00 all access on our street would be cut off. So Susie and I took the car to get an oil change early enough that we would arrive back home at 9:30.....

However, at 9:30 we pull up to a nice barricade in front of our complex. I get out to move it and this cop starts screaming at me about it like I was lighting up a doobie or something....Anyway, we minced words very loudly for about 5 minutes and when that got old I finally told him my wife was parking our car anyway so he should either step off or arrest me. He shouted and left.

I was tempted to tell him that I am a law student but since I am a TAX law student I was afraid I might trap myself. However, I doubt he would know the difference.........

So about 15 minutes later I had to go meet my tax group and walked by him again because their was just no avoiding it. He actually came up to me and apologized, renewing my faith (for now) in the police force.....We'll see how long that lasts.

But if anyone wants to research property rights and informative disclosure and let me know if they really can block off a parking garage without prior notice, I'd be interested to know. Until then, back to spending my weekend with Internal Revenue Code Section 280F (We're allowed to do that here....)


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