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Dependence: So we ran out of eggs around Sunday after I made pumpkin spice muffins and sweet and sour chicken. Anyway, I had no idea I was so dependent on them because I haven't enjoyed anything since we ran out. For example, last night Susie was going to make cookies but couldn't--we have no eggs. This morning I was once again deprived of waffles because of no eggs. And now someone has anonymously brought us cookies in the traditional Halloween fashion. How we will bake something to pass along still boggles me since we are out of eggs.

Susie actually hates eggs so I blame her for the whole "no eggs extravaganza." Who would have thought?

In other news, guess who got an A on their marketing mid-term? Like a 98%, and I don't even like marketing. It's not quantifiable. Tax is still pulling me along. I'm probably failing that class, but so is everyone else. The curve will defy all in that class......

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