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[Comments] (5) Red Tape: So our wireless internet (that we are now getting charged for) still doesn't work. I know it's not my computer because I used it on campus today and it seemed to like the wireless connection in the Tanner Building quite well.

In marketing today we did a presentation on Harry Potter and how bookstores and publishers are trying to use the next two books release dates to time other bookstore developments. However, since JK Rowling is so hard to predict when it comes to release dates (re-writing books on the fly), they are struggling with the concept. Anyway, we brought candy bars and watched a segment from the movie so we got our cheer level up to 1.2 decibles. That's a new record, up from 1.16 decibles.

I guess I should mention we get graded on the level of noise we generate, thus the snickers. Apparently, who needs content? However, I do suspect the teacher tweaks the noise reader to his own liking. After all, we got the highest score so far and Harry Potter is his favorite movie.....

Besides that, if anyone has any enlightening insights into beta and Weighted Average Cost of Capital, I'd be happy to hear it since I have a 6-page thesis due on it that I really don't want to write.

X-Tax is coming!


Posted by Rachel at Wed Oct 22 2003 21:54

Econ SUX!!!!

But Harry Potter ROCKS!!! (and so does Ginny!)

Posted by Rachel at Wed Oct 22 2003 21:56

Which movie, BTW? Because your Sorcer's Stone used to belong to me, but Susie stole it behind my back while I was in England, and I had to buy a new one.

Posted by John at Thu Oct 23 2003 13:38

All those Harry Potter books are mine actually. Susie doesn't own any. We watched a clip from the first movie because it's vintage Harry. Anyway, I agree that econ does suck. I only like the 1% of it we use in accounting. The rest is boring, theoretic dribble....

Posted by Susie at Thu Oct 23 2003 15:13

What Rachel doesn't know, apparently, is that I bought that Harry Potter movie in the first place. Although I do have 4 or 5 other movies belonging to Mom...

Posted by Rachel at Fri Oct 24 2003 19:09

I don't care who bought the movie, it was mine!! It belonged to me, in my heart. Ever After, Never Been Kissed, I can do without. But Harry Potter? That's just low...

Nevermind. I've got my own now.

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