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[Comments] (3) It's a small world after all.....: In other news, I processed a refund for a man in Djibouti. Oddly enough, we withdrew from American History. Why he was taking it in the first place remains to be known. I guess he could be an ex-pat....

For those of you who don't know where Djibouti is (like my boss), it's in Africa.


Posted by Frances Whitney at Thu Oct 23 2003 14:12

Now, if only you can figure out how to get us to withdraw from Iraq?

Posted by John at Thu Oct 23 2003 14:32

Nice one. Still working on it.......

Posted by Rachel at Fri Oct 24 2003 19:11

It's easy when you live in a comsumer society of one! (Sorry, procratinating French paper = silliness.) Well, I guess even in my consumer society of one I still buy gas, so it wouldn't work.

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