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Leaf Peeping: Susie and I have a date to go "leaf peeping" because it's fall. Susie hates the name and thinks the weather man made it up. But it's a true story......The semester is like a third over and I am already dying for reprieve. And since so much group work equals so little susie time, it can be rather frustrating.......On the plus side, I always study at home and not at the library, and I normally delegate a portion of all groupwork to myself and do it ahead of time to avoid the superflous team time.......

In other news, although I am a cold-hearted accountant at heart, in an effort to be well-rounded, I started reading all Wall Street Journal articles about the California political blunder....My interest comes a little late since I have no idea why people hate Gov. Davis, just that they do.......But I do know that we should all be relieved to welcome in a new face, Arnold....I don't know all the details, but I do know that his economic advisor is actually Warren Buffet.......So at least the economics of the sunshine state may turn around.

Explanation: In case you are wondering "why Traffic" it's my dog's name. He is a black scottish terrier, and looks like the puppy on lady and the tramp......

So in tax class we are working on court hearings for fractional jet ownership. I am already learning how important it is to be nice to clients because hey, if they own jets and want me to reduce their tax liabilities, they can afford to pay me. But first year accounting firm staff are only billed at $250 an hour.....(not that I get $250, but they get charged that)......However, it pales in comparison to my professor's hourly figure.....$900 an hour. I wonder how much of that he gets..........Back to work.


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