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[Comments] (3) Dinner: So Susie got a free $25 to Red Lobster and so we went there for dinner. I ate Shrimp and Lobster Scampi and it was delicious. Susie, however, who is anti-seafood, had nachos. It's like my dad always says "It takes all kinds...." I keep telling her that she shouldn't be allowed to complain when our future children won't eat anything because she won't either. But her plan is to only cook things she will eat so the kids will never be the wiser....Now I am on to my own mother's schemes it seems....

I guess that's the perks of being the mommy. Anyway, for anyone missing the winter season, you can trade places with me for awhile. How long until graduation again?


Posted by Rachel at Mon Nov 03 2003 23:41

It's your own fault for going to that silly school in that silly state when you could have been in CA the whole time. It drizzeled a bit today. Maybe 65. *Brr*

And, yes, you are weird. It's not a bad thing. Take it from one who knows :p

Posted by Frances Whitney at Tue Nov 04 2003 09:40

Susie learned her gustatory habits from her father, Mr. Picky. I tried to introduce them to lots of different foods but to no avail. Three Little Pickies were produced. Eventually I gave up the battle and just cooked what I knew they would eat. It probably wasn't doing them any favors to do that.

Posted by Rachel at Tue Nov 04 2003 12:50

I resent that! I am not picky! (Too much..) Mom, you know this. Maybe I used to me, but I'm not anymore. I'll eat just about anything. Ask my roommate. Look at my scrapbook.

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