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[Comments] (2) Things that go bump in the night.......: So last night I woke up with quite a fright because Susie was talking about papers? Apparently she was sleep-talking, something she has never done before. It really startled me, but I tried to have fun with it by asking her questions until she woke up.

But it doesn't end there. She then proceeded to sleepwalk into the vanity so she could FLOSS. I'm telling you, I started to wonder what had happended to my Susie at this point.

These last two nights I have been at school until 9:00 at night. The next two days look no less promising for a reprieve. At least I knew it was coming and know it won't happen again (at least not this semester). Is it Friday yet?

Another Day Another Dollar.: This just in from tax class: the nuances of divorce court are messy enough just from a tax standpoint I wouldn't even dream of going there. Front loading alimony, gross income recapture, for AGI deductions, what a mess.

But just in case you were wondering, if any part of alimony looks like a child support payment, smells like a child support payment, and acts like a child support payment, the IRS will indeed declare it a child support payment. All beware!


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