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[Comments] (4) Scary Moment..: So Tuesday I was minding my own business and checking emails on my laptop when I noticed a strange one from "Paypal.com." Normally I delete this stuff right away but for some odd reason I felt compelled to open it. Of course, it infected my computer with a virus not yet known to my Norton Antivirus system. It couldn't clean it or quarantine it. Luckily, after rebooting my computer only once I realized it was a .exe file, meaning that it would spread to more and more of my computer each time I rebooted. So from there on out I always put my computer on standby instead of shutdown to minimize the dilemma. Currently, it had infected 131 of my files.

So anyway my mom's nerdy e-mail friend came to the rescue. He sent me to a site, www.symantec.com, which helped me get rid of the malicious virus forever. Apparently this virus attatches to your computer and steals information, then wreaks havoc on your computer. Fortunately for me, I own nothing worth stealing! I still feel used, however. But I am glad it's over.

I sent a rather rude message to paypal.com, informing them that someone inside or outside of their company was sending out virus email spam messages, and that doing such was a federal offense punishable by fines and/or jail time. Although I am sure they are already aware of all such implications, it just felt good to vent at such a time. But peace has been restored (for now)....

[Comments] (1) Pleasant Surprise...: Normally the mail run is less than stellar: It encompasses bills, junk mail, bills, junk mail, and bills.

However, today we received a rather pleasant surprise: A POSTCARD FROM SUMANA!! It was very thoughtful and witty. I laughed. Too bad it was just a postcard--it doesn't have a return address. I think someone has too much free time on her hands with Leonard in Arkansas!!


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