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[Comments] (4) Scary Moment..: So Tuesday I was minding my own business and checking emails on my laptop when I noticed a strange one from "" Normally I delete this stuff right away but for some odd reason I felt compelled to open it. Of course, it infected my computer with a virus not yet known to my Norton Antivirus system. It couldn't clean it or quarantine it. Luckily, after rebooting my computer only once I realized it was a .exe file, meaning that it would spread to more and more of my computer each time I rebooted. So from there on out I always put my computer on standby instead of shutdown to minimize the dilemma. Currently, it had infected 131 of my files.

So anyway my mom's nerdy e-mail friend came to the rescue. He sent me to a site,, which helped me get rid of the malicious virus forever. Apparently this virus attatches to your computer and steals information, then wreaks havoc on your computer. Fortunately for me, I own nothing worth stealing! I still feel used, however. But I am glad it's over.

I sent a rather rude message to, informing them that someone inside or outside of their company was sending out virus email spam messages, and that doing such was a federal offense punishable by fines and/or jail time. Although I am sure they are already aware of all such implications, it just felt good to vent at such a time. But peace has been restored (for now)....

Posted by Sumana at Fri Nov 21 2003 09:39

It's not from PayPal. It is from a virus-writer who has spoofed their domain name. There is nothing PayPal can do about it.

Posted by Kristen at Fri Nov 21 2003 12:20

Oh great...I got about 10 emails just like the one you got on my work outlook. It opens email automatically. I wonder what it is doing to my work computer right now?!

Posted by John at Fri Nov 21 2003 15:14

If you go to, it has instructions on how to get rid of it. But run your virus check first--it'll tell you if you have it.

Posted by Rachel at Fri Nov 21 2003 18:28

Ooh! I got those too. I don't think I opened them... But my computer has been acting funky all week.

Oh, no! It's going to steal my novel and publish it under another name and keep all the profits for itself!

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