Traffic for 2003 November 21 (entry 1)

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[Comments] (1) Pleasant Surprise...: Normally the mail run is less than stellar: It encompasses bills, junk mail, bills, junk mail, and bills.

However, today we received a rather pleasant surprise: A POSTCARD FROM SUMANA!! It was very thoughtful and witty. I laughed. Too bad it was just a postcard--it doesn't have a return address. I think someone has too much free time on her hands with Leonard in Arkansas!!

Posted by Sumana at Sun Nov 23 2003 19:37

Yay, my postcard made it and cheered y'all up. Probably I get fifty personal emails for every handwritten letter or postcard I receive -- you?

Susie has my physical address - she sent me a lovely thank-you note after your wedding.

It is, I acknowledge, true that I'm writing more correspondence to friends and relations while Leonard is away. Usually I just do it while I'm commuting.

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