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Thanksgiving Thus Far....: Well we made it to Mission Viejo and spent Wed and Th there. Thanksgiving Day was spent at Disneyland. The weather was very coopretative, being mildly warm all day and only mildly cold at night. I forget how in California it gets lighter earlier and darker earlier than in Utah. It was like 4:45 and the sun was setting in Disneyland. We are still disappointed at Fantasmic!, but thouroughly enjoyed the remake of the Haunted House for Christmas.

Plus my nephews were fun. Tyler turns 2 on Sunday and enjoyed leading me by the hand all over the house. Susie spent most of her time avoiding Chad & Justin's new pet crabs......

But now we are in Bakersfield waiting for Frances and Rachel, cleaning Susie's room, and catching up on homework, etc. We're excited to have them for 2 days now, even though it is noticeably colder here in b-town.

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