Traffic for 2003 November 5 (entry 1)

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[Comments] (2) Trouble in River City...: Well, if you thought the US tax code is hard, try International Tax. Between repatriation, expatriation, and reverse repatriation, I am going crazy. Tax havens, transfer pricing, loophole after endless loophole....I'll be glad when this research competition is over next week and all put behind me.

In other news, did you know that Dr. Pepper isn't a cola? It's a "blend of fruit flavors and spices." Anywho, I never drink the stuff but apparently it's a true story...

I got a new office at work today. But I am currently "hoteling" my office because we are short two computers in our department and I don't have a phone yet. The upside is, no irate Scout den mother can get a hold of me to complain about her $15. Well, onward and upward....

PS--For Rachel's benefit, I guess I should explain that this whole time, its been John speaking and NOT Susie.


Posted by Rachel at Thu Nov 06 2003 01:57


I'm sure I could figure that out, since it's YOUR weblog. Only when I am talking to you, while you are masked by using SUSIE'S sn, do I get confused.

Get your own sn.

Posted by Leonard at Fri Nov 07 2003 09:08

I think Dr. Pepper is supposed to be a prune or plum soda. It's probably the residue of some health food fad, like graham crackers.


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