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[Comments] (11) For Rachel's Benefit: I decided not to write anymore because no one ever responds, meaning my writing dribble is both boring and pointless. But for Rachel's benefit, here we go.

I had a 48-Hour final this weekend. It was a research project on stock redemption (IRC Sections 301 & 302 for those in the know). Hope I did it right. One really needs a Urim & Thummim to understand such rulings and tests, not to even mention 318 constructive ownership rules...

I bought two Christmas presents for Susie and wrapped them and everything. They are under the halogen lamp, since we don't have a tree. Still nothing for me, though, meaning that I was especially naughty this year. One more week of school!

[Comments] (3) Back by Popular Demand.....: So I am currently sitting through another Moot Court case asking myself "How many more hours until the semester from hell is over?" We're getting there.

Speaking of which, I have two GROUP finals. What a joke! My group has 6 individuals, yet every project becomes a project for just 2 of us--Me and Jaron. I don't know how people live with themselves mooching their grade off of other people's efforts. It makes me wonder where I'll be in 10 years compared to them....

Hopefully I'll be senior manager, aspiring partner, at E & Y then. Though KPMG does treat a guy well, what with $26 steaks and all. PwC WILL be a good firm when I get my $200 from them! Anyway, back to ordinary v. capital gains.

Can't Wait Until Wed.....: Studied all day today and yesterday. Not to mention that I am having lots of fun on our group final....although the group has been helping a little bit more than I expected, it's still sub par.

Our Sub-4-Santa is going well--we're only 3 presents shy of collecting all the goods for 13 kids. We were shy a lot more until we found out that a bunch of presents were in a box at the church. Someone forgot to tell us about them. but we're just glad they weren't pilfered...

The United Way lady couldn't beleive how generous we were until we told her this whole thing was a ward effort. But it's fun to take a break from studying and do something for someone else. That whole Christmas spirit seems to allude self-interested college students and their sadist professors that think time grows on trees or something. I'm glad I can still take matters into my own hands and feel it!

They got him!: I'm not much of a political guru myself, but officials have confirmed the capture of Sadaam Hussein near his hometown near Tikrit. This is an exciting day for freedom fighters everywhere. The Wall Street Journal says he was simply hiding beneath the floorboards of a house. Not as high-tech chase as many had hoped, but an ending nonetheless.

[Comments] (3) Bored: Sitting in a presentation final. We were first and I am just listening to everyone else now. BORING! Will Friday ever come?

[Comments] (4) Epidemic: So after reading about mom and Leonard coming down with the flu (after getting shots) and the current epidemic in Utah, I started to get worried because I haven't had a flu shot yet. However, maybe NOT getting the flu shot was the wise choice here, because I am fit as a fiddle....

Anyway, I think I'll just forgo the shot. My condolences to the sick and/or afflicted.

Still Alive....: So we made it safe and sound to Bakersfield. There was an accident on the 58 that involved a helicopter on the highway. Luckily, our way wasn't closed. But the car was completely smashed, so I feel for the people involved.

I'm excited for Christmas. I got Susie lots of fun surprises that she probably won't like. But waiting in long lines to buy them sure was fun, considering I always have to say it's for my wife so I don't feel so silly in these types of stores. At least I don't have to go in them for another 6 months (our one year anniversary!)

[Comments] (1) Still Loved: I forgot to mention that last weekend we had a Chadwick weekend before we made the pilgrimage to b-town for the holidays. We saw "Return of the King" and slept over with my three nephews. Susie and I tried to sneak away and sleep upstairs, but Logan wouldn't hear of it. When I went downstairs for some blankets, he already had a place reserved next to him for Susie and I. That put Susie between a rock and a hard place--namely, me and the fireplace. We put two big pillows on the fireplace just in case she rolled over......It feels good to still be Uncle John.

I guess I should explain that. When I told my oldest nephew Chad I was getting married last April, he said "but who's going to take us to the movies now?" I felt like part of my life was over. But I've still got it!!

[Comments] (1) Let It Snow!: So we get home safe and sound to less than one foot of snow on the ground and I'm thinking, "My family couldn't leave huh?" I figured my sister wanted to stay longer anyway. So last night we made the brave trek up to SLC to be with the fam after work. WOW!! My parent's street isn't even cleaned off yet, and we were sliding everywhere in the car. They seriously have three feet of snow up there.

My parents were some of the lucky ones to be stranded without power for about 72 hours. Luckily they were all able to stay at my brother's new house, which is actually quite big. But upon returning home, they had to clean out both refrigerators and our freezer. Glad we came home to power, or else I would have died. How long will the insanity continue? Those gambling weathermen predict more and more.


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