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Can't Wait Until Wed.....: Studied all day today and yesterday. Not to mention that I am having lots of fun on our group final....although the group has been helping a little bit more than I expected, it's still sub par.

Our Sub-4-Santa is going well--we're only 3 presents shy of collecting all the goods for 13 kids. We were shy a lot more until we found out that a bunch of presents were in a box at the church. Someone forgot to tell us about them. but we're just glad they weren't pilfered...

The United Way lady couldn't beleive how generous we were until we told her this whole thing was a ward effort. But it's fun to take a break from studying and do something for someone else. That whole Christmas spirit seems to allude self-interested college students and their sadist professors that think time grows on trees or something. I'm glad I can still take matters into my own hands and feel it!


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