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[Comments] (3) Bored: Sitting in a presentation final. We were first and I am just listening to everyone else now. BORING! Will Friday ever come?


Posted by Susie at Mon Dec 15 2003 19:10

Yes! What a fun weekend we'll have, too!

Posted by Alyson at Tue Dec 16 2003 13:24

What do you mean?? You're in the best part of finals--you're done, even though others aren't.

Are you and Susie coming to Texas??

Posted by John at Tue Dec 16 2003 20:01

Coming to Texas? Oh, with the caravan. I was really confused for a minute there about why we woud be going to Texas. No, we have to be back that final week and make some money that we spent on Christmas presents and yet another semester of books. Maybe one day...

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