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[Comments] (4) Epidemic: So after reading about mom and Leonard coming down with the flu (after getting shots) and the current epidemic in Utah, I started to get worried because I haven't had a flu shot yet. However, maybe NOT getting the flu shot was the wise choice here, because I am fit as a fiddle....

Anyway, I think I'll just forgo the shot. My condolences to the sick and/or afflicted.

Posted by Sumana at Wed Dec 17 2003 08:09

What do they teach you in those schools? That correlation equals cause and that two data points equal a strong correlation?

Anyway, you live with Susie, who works with a high-risk group (children), so in some sense it is better for the world if you get the FluMist to reduce the chances of Susie and her wards catching it.

Posted by John at Wed Dec 17 2003 08:29

Sumana: I was kidding about the shot causing the flu, honestly. Although I never was a big fan of statistics to be honest. It's practical application in the accounting world is rather interesting (auditing random samples of balance sheet line items, etc), but the classroom application left me quite unfulfilled. But honestly, I was kidding about a high correlation with an insufficient sample size and no controlling factors involved.

Posted by Susie at Wed Dec 17 2003 08:54

Actually, the shot can cause the flu, but only very very mildly. Because I work with children, my job paid for my (and every other employee's) flu shot, and even offered John one at an extreme discount. He wouldn't take it. Too late now; they're out.

Posted by Rachel at Wed Dec 17 2003 12:45

I got my free flu shot on campus and was sickie for a while, but not nearly as sickie as mommy is. Despite having cuddeled with her lots, I am still not sickie. I am now going to get jamba juice for mommy.

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