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[Comments] (1) Still Loved: I forgot to mention that last weekend we had a Chadwick weekend before we made the pilgrimage to b-town for the holidays. We saw "Return of the King" and slept over with my three nephews. Susie and I tried to sneak away and sleep upstairs, but Logan wouldn't hear of it. When I went downstairs for some blankets, he already had a place reserved next to him for Susie and I. That put Susie between a rock and a hard place--namely, me and the fireplace. We put two big pillows on the fireplace just in case she rolled over......It feels good to still be Uncle John.

I guess I should explain that. When I told my oldest nephew Chad I was getting married last April, he said "but who's going to take us to the movies now?" I felt like part of my life was over. But I've still got it!!

Posted by Susie at Thu Dec 25 2003 18:57

It's cause we don't have kiddies yet. =)

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