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[Comments] (1) Let It Snow!: So we get home safe and sound to less than one foot of snow on the ground and I'm thinking, "My family couldn't leave huh?" I figured my sister wanted to stay longer anyway. So last night we made the brave trek up to SLC to be with the fam after work. WOW!! My parent's street isn't even cleaned off yet, and we were sliding everywhere in the car. They seriously have three feet of snow up there.

My parents were some of the lucky ones to be stranded without power for about 72 hours. Luckily they were all able to stay at my brother's new house, which is actually quite big. But upon returning home, they had to clean out both refrigerators and our freezer. Glad we came home to power, or else I would have died. How long will the insanity continue? Those gambling weathermen predict more and more.


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