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[Comments] (11) For Rachel's Benefit: I decided not to write anymore because no one ever responds, meaning my writing dribble is both boring and pointless. But for Rachel's benefit, here we go.

I had a 48-Hour final this weekend. It was a research project on stock redemption (IRC Sections 301 & 302 for those in the know). Hope I did it right. One really needs a Urim & Thummim to understand such rulings and tests, not to even mention 318 constructive ownership rules...

I bought two Christmas presents for Susie and wrapped them and everything. They are under the halogen lamp, since we don't have a tree. Still nothing for me, though, meaning that I was especially naughty this year. One more week of school!

Posted by Susie at Sun Dec 07 2003 10:29

In my defense, I have bought lots of stocking stuff for John. He's so cute to get my presents already, and their under our lamp!

Posted by anonymous at Sun Dec 07 2003 13:17

yay for 1 week of school.

Sometimes you have to shamelessly plug to get comments. But always keep writing. People love you, John. And not just susie.

You have an unknown, too. Was that the freeway one? *is. v. confused*

Posted by Frances at Sun Dec 07 2003 14:24

Nooooo!!!!!!!! Don't stop writing!! Your life is fascinating and not boring at all? Ya wannaboringlife, lookit mine!

Posted by rachel at Mon Dec 08 2003 01:43

btw, the annoynymous one was me... somethings on crummy have been going whackoo lately...

Posted by rachel at Mon Dec 08 2003 01:44

Also: I want the vote for most boring life. Here is what I do: study, write papers, then for a study break I sit in front of the computer some more. To shake things up a little I go apt hunting.

Posted by Kristen at Mon Dec 08 2003 03:41

Actually I think the person who reads other people's weblogs, and doesn't have one is the winner for the most boring life...ME!

Posted by Susie at Mon Dec 08 2003 13:02

No one had this "I have the most boring life" problem until Leonard added the commenting feature... By the way my life is not boring. It's just not as interesting on paper (screen).

Posted by Rachel at Mon Dec 08 2003 14:52

Hey, the commenting system has added a dispropotionate amount of excitement to my life.

You should get a weblog, Kristen. I sometimes run out of procrastinating material, and you know what happens then? I have to do *gasp* schoolwork.

Posted by Alyson at Mon Dec 08 2003 21:44

It is funny to hear each of you argue that life on your side of the fence is the most boring. Try wiping butts and snotty noses all day. But sitting down to write about how boring that is, I discover at least one thing that isn't so boring after all. Keep writing. You give me something interesting and fun to read during quiet time.

Posted by Kristen at Tue Dec 09 2003 18:20

Nice manners! Great imagery Aly.

Posted by rachel at Tue Dec 09 2003 21:10

Wow, 10 comments (now 11). Thats gotta be some sort of record. Of course, half of them are from me. I am the queen of comments!


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