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[Comments] (2) Oh brother!: So I have an 8 am class this morning (MBA 627--International Finance) and finally at 8:20 the TA comes in saying that the teacher FORGOT he had this class, so we'll just start on Wednesday. I don't mind getting up early but it was COLD outside. The funny part to me, though, is that it further proves my claim that the MBA program is a joke. I mean, we are graduate students here--professionals. And the dumb teacher can't show up? It's times like these that I am glad I'm a Macc student and not an MBA student..........

[Comments] (1) Taking Care of Business......: So we went to the dollar theater tonight with my little sister and her friend to see The Cat in the Hat. Possibly the worst movie I've ever seen, though doubtful. At least in the top 20. Mom, I would highly advise against seeing it. It's too racey for the kids and too mind-numbing for the adults. However, mom and Rachel, I should inform you that Love, Actually is playing up here at the $1 moviehouse. Unfortunately, we won't be seeing it vicariously for you. Sorry.

But dinner was good. We went to Jacinto's, a quaint Mexican restaurant. The conversation was good as Jodi's boyfriend and her friend's husband joined us. The whole family is keeping our fingers crossed that this boyfriend is "the one"! I don't know if it's the fact that he's a great guy, or the fact that he's not her old boyfriend. He was bipolar, couldn't hold a job, and stalked my sister. This new beau, Franco, is a VAST improvement.

Good Tidings: Finally some good news. My sister Jodi is getting married! I thought I would feel all wierd about it but I am so happy for her. He is a great guy; we knew she'd meet one sooner or later...

I always feels she is so young, but when she gets married in June she'll be just a few months younger than Susie was. Anyway, we are all excited for her!

[Comments] (3) Woe Is Me: Tonight was the banquet for E&Y interviews. That is the firm I really want to work with, so hopefully that goes well tomorrow. Susie came with me and my interviewer was happy to meet her. I have worked my way to the fifth Chronicle of Narnia. I am loving them- thanks mom!

With all the firm stuff and interviews this week, I am lucky that school has slacked off a bit. Of course, I am ahead in ISys, so that really helps.

[Comments] (3) Calling all LA gurus: This is especially for mom and Rachel. So where can I find a website that shows transit (light rai, metro, trains) in LA? If I live in Mission Viejo at my sister's house this summer and intern in Warner Center (Woodland Hills), what options to I have that don't require me to drive on the 405?

[Comments] (5) Happiness is...: Job offers. We were supposed to go to John & Sharon's last night for FHE, but sat in traffic for 45 minutes and were still only in Pleasant Grove. Bummer. But while sitting in the car I got two job offers! The first was from PriceWaterhouseCoopers for their LA office. They are taking Susie and me skiing this weekend at Sundance, and will let me know when my office visit is scheduled.

Then Ernst & Young called. I was really shocked they called because they told me they wouldn't make a decision until after their USC interviews next week. But they called, meaning they like me, they really like me. They are my first choice, because the office is in Orange County, and I went there for a week last summer and really enjoyed it. I fly out February 24.

Still waiting to hear from KPMG. I interviewed for their Woodland Hills office, in an attempt to put us closer to Bakersfield and out of downtown LA. They told me they would let me know later this week. They are my second choice. Anyway, so far so good. It's such a relief!!

[Comments] (2) Taxes really are a beautiful thing!: I did our taxes yesterday. The Fed owes us $200 and the state owes us $400. Plus, PwC finally gave me my $200 check yesterday! So we've got $800 coming (which is interesting considering i have $850 on my credit card due in February). Life sure does work nicely sometimes! KPMG called last night but I wasn't home. I had to work on a Federal Futures Market project until 10:30. Ah, the joys of college life. Hopefully he calls back tonight!!

[Comments] (4) Picturesque: We went to Sundance today for lunch with PwC. It was really good. It was so beautiful up there too. Dang homework--otherwise we could have enjoyed it more. Susie's mad because we parked up above and took the shuttle down to the lodge, and it was really muddy. Luckily I had garbage bags and towels in my car, so the car interior is clean.

It's wierd because it was snowing up there but all clear down here (blue skies). Of course, I guess that's not too wierd. That's normally how it is.

We got a free blanket that says PwC on it. It's huge! It's that sweatshirt type of blanket. It's soooo soft.


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