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[Comments] (1) Taking Care of Business......: So we went to the dollar theater tonight with my little sister and her friend to see The Cat in the Hat. Possibly the worst movie I've ever seen, though doubtful. At least in the top 20. Mom, I would highly advise against seeing it. It's too racey for the kids and too mind-numbing for the adults. However, mom and Rachel, I should inform you that Love, Actually is playing up here at the $1 moviehouse. Unfortunately, we won't be seeing it vicariously for you. Sorry.

But dinner was good. We went to Jacinto's, a quaint Mexican restaurant. The conversation was good as Jodi's boyfriend and her friend's husband joined us. The whole family is keeping our fingers crossed that this boyfriend is "the one"! I don't know if it's the fact that he's a great guy, or the fact that he's not her old boyfriend. He was bipolar, couldn't hold a job, and stalked my sister. This new beau, Franco, is a VAST improvement.


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