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[Comments] (3) Groovy Jets: I love my business law class. It is supposed to last 90 minutes twice a week, but he has never kept us longer than an hour. I love teachers who just teach the stuff, limit the anecdotes, and know when enough if enough. I wish all my teachers could be so succinct...

[Comments] (1) Exciting Times: Mom left today, but it was fun to be with the family over the weekend. The Omans are a trip; they are great people. We were quite the lively bunch at Thai Ruby yesterday.

Now Leonard is on his way, we think. Alls we know is that he left Allison's on Saturday, so is lost somewhere between the great plains and Denver, we assume.

Tomorrow I fly out for LA. Rachel is picking me up and we are going to go to lunch before my office visit. Then I fly back on Tuesday, and do it all over again next Monday through Wednesday with two firms at once. I hate flying. Everytime I fly, something disastrous happens. Last time I went to Florida our flight took off but the door didn't shut properly on the plane, so we had to land, and were gorunded until the next day. I missed a biology midterm because of it. My luggage, however, somehow ended up on another plane in Las Vegas. Then there was the mish. My flight to the Kong was cancelled and we all got shipped back to the MTC for an extra day. Leaving the next day was pretty much the most anti-climatic experience of my life. Then coming home from Hong Kong (two years later, mind you, with the fam in tow) we hit a typhoon. So we waited on the plane for two hours while they tried to route us through China but China wouldn't have us so we ended up taking the long way home through the Philippines. Before we could do that, we had to shut off the plane and refuel. That meant no AC for 30 minutes. And in July sub-tropical weather that is as humid as taking a shower, we were all dying. Then there was my excursion to the OC last summer on a firm visit. On the way home I missed my flight because of a terrorist threat. Luckily it got ironed out and they had another flight to SLC an hour later. What adventures await me tomorrow? Only time will tell...

[Comments] (1) Back in the Saddle: So downtown LA is surprisingly nice. I guess when you move away from the financial center into east LA you begin to get scared, cuz we were wandering around pretty late at night and it was like no big deal. And, YEA, cuz all my flights went off without a hitch! It was fun. Coming back to school seems awful boring now-I am excited to go back next week. Hopefully some good will come from all of this.

So has anyone seen the "Quizno's Subs" commercial with the singing rats? One word: Disturbing.

Thanks Rachel for the tour of Santa Monica, as well as Commerce. Hope traffic wasn't too bad heading home...

[Comments] (3) The NOT So Friendly Skies: Well, it happened again. My flight home tonight was delayed over an hour, so I didn't get home until 10:30 pm. But in good news I have received two offers, from both Ernst & Young and PricewaterhouseCoopers. It'll be a hard decision, as these are really the two premier firms. But it's nice to have a job, especially since starting salary is over double my current salary.

In other transit news, I am not a fan of Amtrak or Metrolink. There stations have no attendees, and no signs. So I missed my train because I didn't know what side of the track to be on. By the time I figured it out, the train was gone. It's like five flights of stairs to cross the tracks because they are double decker trains (and the elevator was out of commission). So I did what anyone would do--hopped on the next train headed to Union Station. This one was an Amtrak, not a Metrolink, which was good for me because it makes less stops and I could make up for lost time. However, my ticket was for Metrolink. After the conductor pointed this out to me, he ripped up my ticket in front of our cabin train. I felt like a country bumpkin taking his first unsuccessful steps to acclimate to "city life." But nicely enough, he gave me an Amtrak ticket. Of course, I figured he should. There shouldn't be a price difference in my opinion, when I ended up in the same place regardless.....This convinced me I don't want to commute to LA, making EY the more attractive offer.

In sad news, my dog Traffic died on Monday. My parents had already taken him to the vet by the time I made it there for my flyout, so I didn't get to say good-bye. But I saw him after Alyssa's wedding, so just like a week ago. I am sad, but also haven't lived at home in six years, so I won't really feel the emptiness until I go spend some time at my parent's house and really notice his absence. He was a good dog.

[Comments] (5) Decisions: I have decided to sign with Ernst & Young, and it's not because it pays more. I have more friends that work there, and there tax program is consulting-based, not compliance-based, like the other firms. Plus, it's in Irvine. PwC is in LA and is such a huge office I'm afraid I would get lost in the shuffle.

With EY I will get a lot of Real Estate clients, which is Partnership Tax, something I enjoy. I'm really excited to go to Florida twice for training as well. Too bad it's still February and I've got to suffer through two more months of school first.


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