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[Comments] (5) Decisions: I have decided to sign with Ernst & Young, and it's not because it pays more. I have more friends that work there, and there tax program is consulting-based, not compliance-based, like the other firms. Plus, it's in Irvine. PwC is in LA and is such a huge office I'm afraid I would get lost in the shuffle.

With EY I will get a lot of Real Estate clients, which is Partnership Tax, something I enjoy. I'm really excited to go to Florida twice for training as well. Too bad it's still February and I've got to suffer through two more months of school first.


Posted by Frances at Sat Feb 28 2004 13:53

Congratulations, John, and welcome to California!

Posted by Alyson at Sun Feb 29 2004 08:05

Ahhh, but your suffering will be assuaged. You no longer have to agonize over grades! Congradulations!

Posted by Susie at Sun Feb 29 2004 09:12

Yay for E&Y! I'm so proud of you, honey!

Posted by anonymous at Tue Mar 02 2004 14:06

oui, oui, bienvenue a la Californie!

Posted by Susie at Thu Mar 04 2004 01:24

See, Rachel said congratulations too! (kind of)

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