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[Comments] (4) Good Times: I called EY and accepted their offer on Monday. Of course, that was the easy part. I still have to call the other firms and tell them thanks but no thanks. I'm dreading that.

It was hard to watch the Academy Awards and realized if I would have signed with PwC, I could actually be there next year. Oh well, LOTR won't be there next year anyway.

My niece Hannah turned 3 on Monday, so we had a little get together on Sunday. My other neice(Ember), who is four, let me play dolls with her. But I kept messing it up because I would put Jasmine and Jafar in the dollhouse and, well, they don't belong there. When I asked her about starting "kindeegarten" next year she blatantly told me that it's Kindergarten, not kindeegarten. And besides, she's going to pre-school. Boy was I given an education by her!

[Comments] (1) Rachel, you'll appreciate this:

The Ernst & Young 2003 Entrpreneur of the Year of is CEO of Whole Foods!

[Comments] (9) : I started the seventh chronicle of narnia. I always get sad when I come to the end of books. Then I have to find a new series to read. Not to mention that books are expensive (well, not as bad as textbooks, but let's not open that can of worms). What shall I read next?

Sometimes I wish I could get Susie to read too. But she reads her scriptures and cookbooks pretty religiously so I guess that's a start. Hopefully she'll really get into it when he start having kids.

[Comments] (2) Bravery: Well, I called PwC today to deline their offer. It was hard to do. They asked me all sorts of questions about why, etc. I tried to be honest and just let them know that it was about "fit" more than anything. It's hard because you don't want to close doors in case something happens. After all, they are a good firm. But EY wooed me over last year at their leadership program. Anyway, they said they hoped I would think of them for full-time; but for now I am really happy with my decision with EY.

[Comments] (3) Good Times!: So today is just one of those beautiful days. The sun is shining, it's in the 50's, and birds are out. Actually the birds were out all morning fighting outside out window. It got so bad that by 7:30 Susie moved to the couch and I just got up and started studying.

Happy Birthday to Rachel! We were gonna call ya at 9:30, but remembered it was only 8:30 and that you were, more likely than not, still sleeping.

[Comments] (1) Yay!: Today I actually went to a devotional, mostly because work was slow. Elder Maxwell spoke about agency. The parts of it I could understand were very well said. I am getting excited for Conference coming up. I always have a goal not to fall asleep, and have succeeded a few times.

[Comments] (1) For Sumana: Hey do you remember my intriguing morgue friend from the wedding? Well, Tim is getting married. I'll let you know the details as they develop, as I am still unsure of the date and locale, etc.

[Comments] (5) My two cents: Never mind

[Comments] (4) : Susie is full time again, because Sheila had her baby. Now we can start to afford stuff again, like new clothes for my internship and these work shirts Susie wanted. Plus, today is Susie's half birthday, so Happy Birthday to you!!!


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