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[Comments] (2) Bravery: Well, I called PwC today to deline their offer. It was hard to do. They asked me all sorts of questions about why, etc. I tried to be honest and just let them know that it was about "fit" more than anything. It's hard because you don't want to close doors in case something happens. After all, they are a good firm. But EY wooed me over last year at their leadership program. Anyway, they said they hoped I would think of them for full-time; but for now I am really happy with my decision with EY.


Posted by Frances at Wed Mar 10 2004 16:33

Awwwww, John, they love you as much as we do!

Posted by Susie at Wed Mar 10 2004 16:44

seee!! I told you we all love you!

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