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[Comments] (3) : Let's see, I need to word this so as to be nonoffensive to my reading audience. EY had a dinner reception with interviews for their leadership program this summer (I went last year). It was fun to be on the other side this time, telling interview candidates about EY and all. I rather enjoyed that.

I had a tax final yesterday, thus why I have been neglecting this site. I hope it went well; I will get it back on Monday. Then I have two finals the 12 and 13, with the last two being during finals week. I am excited to have them so spread out this year. And the good news is, I only have to take 12 credits next fall and winter, so that will be a relief next year!

We got a free hotel coupon in the mail for the place we always stay in Nevada when we go to California. It is only good in May, so we are thinking of coming for Memorial Day weekend or something. Susie's really excited.

Besides that, we are just getting ready for Conference this weekend.

[Comments] (1) Easter: it feels like Easter is already over, what with the "kiddie" easter egg hunt we had last Sunday. It was fun to be able to participate with the kids, since we don't yet have any. Of course, Susie was bummed cuz that meant she couldn't help hide the eggs. But we got to occupy the kids by playing tag while the "adults" hid them.

While at my house for the weekend, I spent about two hours cleaning more stuff out of my old room. Every time I go home I throw away more stuff. By the time we leave next summer, I'll have everything gone, so I don't have to move it. It's actually very cathartic throwing away old high school memories that don't necessarily need to be remembered anymore.

Today Susie went to the mall to get a sweater thing for my sister's wedding. Apparently there is going to be a dress code for this one. It just makes me so glad that mine is already over.

In other sad news, Sister Hinckley passed away today.

[Comments] (1) Calling All Drillers: A coworker sent me this. Hope you guys never took math. Bakersfield News!

[Comments] (2) Adventure Walks: Susie and I have been walking the Provo River Parkway. Last week we made it to the duck pond thing down on 500 N and 1500 W. Last night was crossed under the freeway and through a lovely trailer park community. Susie was scared, so we didn't walk very long. But on the way back to the car we saw a beaver in the water. I wanted to go see him and but Susie feels he's not too amicable, so we stayed away and he swam home. But I thought he looked friendly.

[Comments] (2) Blazing the Trail: Today we walked three miles, all the way to the lake. But it was a little anticlimatic in the fact that we didn't go to the lake. We are going to walk part of the lake next time.

Anyway, we kept hearing a noise in the water, and we knew that it wasn't a duck. We thought it might be another beaver, and the thought crossed my mind that it might be a fish jumping. Well, low and behold, it was! I was surprised to see fish jumping in a river, but it was pretty cool.

Classes ended today. I already have three finals over, meaning I only have two finals during finals week, and can get in lots of extra hours at work.

[Comments] (1) : Only one more final to go!

[Comments] (6) Fun Times...: Today in church I sat next to the bishop's wife and one year-old granddaughter. She warmed up to me very quickly and began a process wherein she would pile everything she or her grandma owned on my lap, then take it all off, rearrange it, re-pile it, etc etc etc

The hodgepodge of materials included baby wipes, a sweater, keys, a cell phone, two diapers, two care bears, a kangaroo, a diaper bag, four hymn books, random ward fliers, and a flower thing from her dress. I had forgotten that church could be so much fun!

[Comments] (1) A Real Job?: I can't wait to go work at EY this summer. Today only two of us six supervisors decided to show up to work. I told Kimball, the other supervisor to go to lunch at noon and I'd go at one, so our students wouldn't be left completely helpless. Well, it's 1:15 and I'm starving. Where the @!#$%^*& is he? I'm starving.

Actually Susie's met him and can attest that, irregardless of title, I would be the only supervisor that's really here. I have so much to do and I keep getting interrupted by the entire building saying "So, so-and-so's not here again." You'd think after this many years the incompetence of our department would make their asking unnecessary. But, I guess compared to some other departments, we're still doing awesome. Sad but true.

[Comments] (7) A minor response: Since I can't post a comment to Suamana's website....I'll take you to lunch any time, my treat! But the catch is......COMING TO UTAH!

In other news, my internship has been extended to 10 weeks now, meaning I start June 7, not June 21. It's wreaking some havoc on other plans I had, but I guess it really does beat the alternative (working at the Harms two weeks longer)...

Something Different: Susie and I signed up to clean the church yesterday, and were even there early, though not another soul came. We were sad to miss out on the service, but went to my grandma's early. There we had root beer floats, did a puzzle, ate popcorn, and grandma took us to Arctic Circle for dinner!

We also got a tour of Lehi. My grandma took us to see four of my cousin's new houses--they are really nice. Actually, though, I did the driving, as grandma wasn't really up to it. I'm kinda jealous at two of my cousin's houses; my uncle bought them as an investment and is letting his kids live in them (for quite the discount I am sure, since they all have a lot more schooling to go than I do). Oh well, we like our place as it is, and we are paying for it on our own.


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