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[Comments] (3) : Let's see, I need to word this so as to be nonoffensive to my reading audience. EY had a dinner reception with interviews for their leadership program this summer (I went last year). It was fun to be on the other side this time, telling interview candidates about EY and all. I rather enjoyed that.

I had a tax final yesterday, thus why I have been neglecting this site. I hope it went well; I will get it back on Monday. Then I have two finals the 12 and 13, with the last two being during finals week. I am excited to have them so spread out this year. And the good news is, I only have to take 12 credits next fall and winter, so that will be a relief next year!

We got a free hotel coupon in the mail for the place we always stay in Nevada when we go to California. It is only good in May, so we are thinking of coming for Memorial Day weekend or something. Susie's really excited.

Besides that, we are just getting ready for Conference this weekend.


Posted by Susie at Sun Apr 04 2004 19:36

Thanks for updating! I like to hear about what goes on in your life.

Posted by rachel at Mon Apr 05 2004 15:39

what could be offensive abt a leadership conf?

Posted by Alyson at Mon Apr 05 2004 19:15

Ditto to Susie.

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