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[Comments] (1) A Real Job?: I can't wait to go work at EY this summer. Today only two of us six supervisors decided to show up to work. I told Kimball, the other supervisor to go to lunch at noon and I'd go at one, so our students wouldn't be left completely helpless. Well, it's 1:15 and I'm starving. Where the @!#$%^*& is he? I'm starving.

Actually Susie's met him and can attest that, irregardless of title, I would be the only supervisor that's really here. I have so much to do and I keep getting interrupted by the entire building saying "So, so-and-so's not here again." You'd think after this many years the incompetence of our department would make their asking unnecessary. But, I guess compared to some other departments, we're still doing awesome. Sad but true.


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