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[Comments] (6) : Has anyone read The Da Vinci Code? I am debating whether or not I should...

[Comments] (6) On taxes: Though I don't have the Code with me, it does say in there that we owe taxes. I'll have to look it up when I get home. There was actually a court case (also at home, but I can reference it later) wherein a very liberal man on talk radio said that he would pay $10,000 to anyone who called in referencing that we owe taxes. Anyway, the case sided with the lunatic liberal, because the guy called in the next day, which was ultimately out of context. However, offer and acceptance did exist, and a valid unilateral contract was formed (though the statute of limitation had ultimately passed). I think Warren Burger said it best when he noted that that it is our duty to pay what we owe, but not more or less. I emphatically agree!

I guess I should explain this is a side note to Sumana's recent taxing musings. Though I would be interested to read that book!

[Comments] (4) Guess what Rach?: Today in the BYU paper is an article on the front page about the nine countries joining the EU, with a map and everying. My first thought was "How come Norway's not in the EU?"

[Comments] (9) Enough is enough: We really need to get commenting capabilities on Sumana's page. In relation to your shoe comment, I can't find decent business shoes for under $100. It's a sad story, but it's true. Luckily, they normally last 3-5 years though.

We went to Ceasar's Palace on the way home from B-town and Susie finally got to experience Cheesecake Factory. We tried the Key Lime Pie and it was really yummy. Utah really needs a Cheesecake Factory, so for anyone with the entrepreneurial bug, here's your big opportunity.

[Comments] (3) Oh ye of little faith: These things take time you know? Click me!

[Comments] (1) Sumana: We really need to talk about taxes. Come to B-town this summer while I am doing my intern, since I will be even more prepared to discuss tax choices and consequences in the US system.

I initially was in favor of a progressive system. But I think that is because I don't really make much, so it favors me. The more I study it, the more it seems to hit the middle man I think. Because high-rollers have effectively placed all their income into captial gains investments and/or tax shelters (which are diminishing at least).

But enought of PFP tax planning. The interesting stuff is corporate tax. But that's a whole other can of worms.

[Comments] (2) Coincidences?!?!: I just realized that Susie and I were married on Harry Potter's birthday! I am shocked that Rachel has never mentioned this to us before....


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