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[Comments] (6) : Has anyone read The Da Vinci Code? I am debating whether or not I should...


Posted by Frances at Sat May 01 2004 16:00

I've been wanting to. Lots of my friends have said it is good.

Posted by Rachel at Sun May 02 2004 21:10

moi aussi

Posted by John at Mon May 03 2004 07:31


Posted by Alyson at Mon May 03 2004 07:45

That book is all the rage everywhere. Read it and let us know if you agree with the hype.

Posted by John at Mon May 03 2004 08:02

It's sold out at the BYU Bookstore...

Posted by Sumana at Mon May 03 2004 08:18

"Moi Aussi" means "me too." One of my bosses said he was expecting to not like it but he did like it. It wasn't the most intellectually challenging novel, but it was a page-turner and interesting, he said.

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