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[Comments] (4) Guess what Rach?: Today in the BYU paper is an article on the front page about the nine countries joining the EU, with a map and everying. My first thought was "How come Norway's not in the EU?"


Posted by Leonard at Wed May 05 2004 07:15

Norway's not in the EU because they keep voting no on the referenda. I'm pretty sure they use the Euro, though.

Posted by Rachel at Wed May 05 2004 20:15

TEN there are ten new members. Leonard is right about the referenda, but wrong about the Euro. You have to be a member of the EU to (legally) use the Euro as national currency.

Posted by John at Thu May 06 2004 06:55

How come Britain doesn't use the euro? How does it improve trade barriers with Britain retaining a monetary currency that requires exhcange rates, fulctuaitons, fees, and reverse repatriation taxes?

Posted by Susie at Thu May 06 2004 07:36

I've heard Britain doesn't use the Euro because they only stand to lose financial strength of their currency by doing so (since the pound is one of the strongest in the world). You can use Euro's everywhere there, it's just not the national currency.

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