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[Comments] (9) Enough is enough: We really need to get commenting capabilities on Sumana's page. In relation to your shoe comment, I can't find decent business shoes for under $100. It's a sad story, but it's true. Luckily, they normally last 3-5 years though.

We went to Ceasar's Palace on the way home from B-town and Susie finally got to experience Cheesecake Factory. We tried the Key Lime Pie and it was really yummy. Utah really needs a Cheesecake Factory, so for anyone with the entrepreneurial bug, here's your big opportunity.


Posted by Kristen at Mon May 10 2004 12:33

I seriously need some black flats for church too. My chiropracter says that sandals are the worst for back problems, and I have back problems. I also have swollen feet and ankles that make it worst. Every morning I wake up and put my feet on the ground to walk I feel like I used to when I worked a double shift waitressing. Not fun, especially when it doesn't go away. At least when I stopped wearing sandals the swelling has gone down some. I need some suggestions too.

Posted by frances at Mon May 10 2004 13:10

Rachel and I believe in Doc Martens. They are a little klunky, but we are all strong women and can carry off a slightly offbeat look in fashion. I also have a wonderful pair of flats--brand is worn off them, sorry. They are like Mary Janes and have spongy stuff inside and a bouncy sole. They cost $100 though.

I don't think you can find decent shoes cheaply.

Posted by John at Mon May 10 2004 13:49

Susie used to shop at Payless. I've converted her to the idea that it's better to pay the price, because the shoes last longer (if you take care of them) and are better on your feet. In terms of pain, Payless isn't worth it to me.

Posted by John at Mon May 10 2004 13:50

I wore Doc Martens my whole mission. They felt uncomfortable, but I never got blisters after my feet conditioned to all the walking. But in my opinion, they are ugly as sin and have gone out of fashion. And they are expensive.

Posted by In defense of Doc Martens at Mon May 10 2004 16:54

You can get them for cheap if you know where & happen to be in London. My current favorite pair cost 10 pounds, no joke. I find them quite comfortable once they've broken in, and are well worth the $ even if you do pay $100. Perhaps the girl ones are cuter, but I'd wear them even if they are out of fashion, & I'm sure Sumana would too, the only problem in the dead animal.

Mom, I think youre flats are Clarks. Another great brand. I was reminising about a pair of Clarks sandals which I have had since at least 8th grade that I still wear v often.

Posted by Kristen at Mon May 10 2004 17:07

Doc have kinda gone out of fashion. I think this b/c I still have 3 in really good condition, but I never feel like wearing them. I would like some cute shoes that go well with nice dresses, and clunky Docs aren't really my style with a dress, although I do not they look bad for other people, just not me. How's that for a run-on Frances?

Posted by Kristen at Mon May 10 2004 17:09

I missed a word: I do not think* they look bad...

Posted by Susie at Mon May 10 2004 20:26

Docs are uncomfortable to wear for a long time, I think. I wore them when I had to dress up to do catering for 8-10 hours and my feet always hurt after like 2 hours. I have some cute black ballet slipper type shoes, but they are at home. Shows you how much I wear them.

Posted by Frances at Tue May 11 2004 09:44

That is not a run-on sentence, Kristen. It's perfectly proper.

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