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Slow Times: I haven't been able to update because I no longer have a computer. I've been training my replacement at work, meaning that by this point (three more days!) I just sit there and read books. Man is it boring, yet refreshing getting paid to do nothing. Now I know how all my supervisors feel...

But seriously, handing over my job's been easier than I thought. Stephanie, my replacement, does a lot of it wrong, which should worry me, considering no one else in the entire building has ever learned how to do my job. Not that it's her fault, because financials are hard to understand in our outdated database. But I really am just washing my hands of it; sort of a "shoot em all and let God sort it out" mentality. After enough irate customers wanting refunds call, maybe a supervisor or two will try and learn the gist of it all. Apparently my true loyalties do remain elsewhere.

Though I'll probably have to sort it all out come September. Oh well, Ernst & Young here I come.

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