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[Comments] (3) Now that's what I call customer service: Nordstrom, where you get what you pay for (except for exorbitant, ugly Tommy Bahama junk, but I digress already). I bought a new light green (White Sand) dress shirt there like a month ago. Anyway, I washed it last night but I think somebody in our compelx had left some bleach behind in the washer because the collar lost its color. Well, we don't have the receipt anymore, but Nordstrom took it back and gave me a new one. They said if it happens again I am welcome to just get store credit and/or cash back. It's because of this type of policy that I love Nordstrom. You pay the big bucks, but are comforted in knowing that even if you mess up, they'll fix it with a smile.

I cannot believe Aaron's family has had so little death in it. Between Susie's and my family, our children will have little ancestry to gleam off. I only have one grandparent left who is almost 90 as it is, my father is terminally/chronically ill, and I have lost two uncles. That's without mentioning all Susie's losses. Cie la vie I suppose.


Posted by Frances at Fri Jun 04 2004 10:13

Nordstroms rocks! I have to be very, very strong when their catalogs come in the mail.

Posted by John at Fri Jun 04 2004 11:03

Then beware because the half-yearly sale starts on Wed!!

Posted by Kristen at Mon Jun 07 2004 11:40

Nordstroms is a little rich for my blood b/c I love bying things cheap and on sale. What a great policy though...that is why I like Costco so much. We have returned so much stuff there.
Yes, Aaron is very lucky...

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