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[Comments] (2) Milestones: Well, I saw Spiderman 2 with my nephews on Friday night. It was kinda slow and predictable in parts, but I will say the subway scene was pretty cool. And the ending rather surprised me. Boy did they set this movie up for another one. I guess overall I would give it 3 1/2 stars (for good acting and mostly a good plot).

It was nice getting Friday and tomorrow off, but even nicer to finally have my first paid holidays ever. Working in my department at BYU, there are a lot of staff. It's frustrating because I do more work than most of them but get none of the perks (paid holidays, etc) so it's been excited to finally enter that level and leave the shackles of student employee behind me for the summer.

For now we are just chilling at mom's. Tomorrow I have to take Susie back to LAX to go home. I already bought my ticket to fly up for our anniversary. I'm glad she was able to fly down, as I am not ready to get on a plane again for a few more weeks.


Posted by Alyson at Mon Jul 05 2004 19:22

I'm looking forward to seeing Spidey. I know, I know: the superhero genre of movies is a little silly, but I absolutely love them when they are done well (never bothered to see The Hulk.

Posted by Susie at Tue Jul 06 2004 11:56

You're the best! Thanks for driving me and for letting me visit!

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