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[Comments] (2) : Nursery went better today. It was only Ruby's second week so I took her to the see dad after an hour. That is long enough to have a child screaming in your ear. And Chris suddenly started crying for no reason. But the other Chris, my favorite, was good the whole time. I talked to the other male leader who loves nursery because it is the only time he sees his son all week. He's a lawyer still putting in his dues, and so is never home.

I can't believe I turn 24 on Thursday. Next year will be the big one, though, and that will be wierd. Thursday I have to go to LA for a tax intern dinner and then to Hollywood to a comedy club, so it's going to be one long day. Last week they took us to an Angels game and that was fun, because it was closer and we beat Boston 8-1.


Posted by Susie at Sun Jul 18 2004 17:51

Free food! Glad you had a better time in nursery.

Posted by Alyson at Sun Jul 18 2004 20:08

You know, John, you're a real trooper to keep a crying child for a WHOLE HOUR! My limit would be 15 minutes. If I were you, I'd invite a parent in for a couple of weeks so Ruby can feel safe in nursery with mom/dad before she has to get along on her lonesome. We've attended nursery with Samuel for 4 Sundays now (trading off b/c of callings and such), and the progress he's made is remarkable. I think he's ready to go alone now, except that we are leaving town after the next Sunday so we won't waste the effort until we get back from vacation. I know some parents like to go "cold turkey," though, and maybe Ruby will just be screaming for a few more Sundays. Take my few cents for what it's worth.

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