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[Comments] (5) Viva Las Vegas: I tacked two hours onto my trip home yesterday thanks to California's obsession with the "city of sin." I thought the 15 was only off limits on Friday night, but Saturday morning was equally scary. The worst part was an accident between Baker and the state line, wherein a semi hit a truck, and splashed groceries all over the road. By the time I got there it was all cleaned up on the side of the road. So why did I still wait for an hour to get through it? Because for some odd reason, each car brakes and takes a picture as they pass the scene of the crime before moving on. Man that is so frustrating to me. It's not like buying tickets to the circus, people. Curiosity killed my patience.

The night before I left was the ward's "picnic in the park." I hate going. I try to be an adult and sit with my sister but they just talk about stuff I don't know about, so I usually end up with Tyler on my shoulders the whole time so he can play "hoop" with me. Well, the neighbors, Rob and Robert, wouldn't hear of it. So they took me to an Italian place in Rancho Santa Margarita. They literally go out to dinner every night, as neither of them like cooking. At first I thought it might be a tad akward going to dinner with a same-sex couple whom I hardly know. But it was quite the contrary. They both shared most of their meals with me, leaving no room for my own pesto. And we talked about their cruises to the Caribbean, Alaska, and upcoming one to the Mexican Riveria. Since Susie and I are planning a cruise next summer, I had lots of questions for them. FYI--They said the Caribbean cruise wasn't so great. They invited me to their home for Thanksgiving for Thai food. Yum, thai food.


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