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[Comments] (2) : With Grandpa Richardson passing, I too feel like I have lost someone special. My first grandpa died when I was 6, and my second grandpa died almost exactly one year ago. He, however, was 97 at his passing, and had so many grandchildren and great grandchildren (most of whom were so much older than I) that I am not sure if he even really knew who I was half of the time.

But Grandpa Richardson definitely knew me. I was the "Mormon" boy that married his cutest granddaughter. He always had a handful of questions and/or comments just for me every time I saw him. Though B-town is far from my favorite place in the world, I always looked forward to visitng Grandpa while there. I will miss that very much.

[Comments] (1) Human Nature: For ethics class I had to watch Zambardo's Stanford Prison Experiment, as well as Milgram's Yale shock therapy experiment. I think most of all it taught me to think outside the box and not be afraid to say "I'm uncomfortable with this and I am no longer participating." Blind obedience is a terrible thing. I do hope that I am conscience of the choices I make in life and do not simply "go with the flow." I think many of my faith could learn something in this venue. However, if I do disagree with something in life, I have also decided that two wrongs really don't make a right (sorry Homer). Breaking the law to bring about "justice" as a vigilante is inappropriate, I think.

It also taught me a lot about the KKK. Wearing masks really does make people believe that they are something different than they really are. With all of that in mind, perhaps I should be Spiderman for Halloween....

News Flash: Stanford has seriously got a lot of growing up to do. I can't believe the self-proclaimed "Harvard of the East" got away with something this unprofessional. I nomally am not too critical of sports reporters, (as I am guilty of sports apathy) but it was really bad.

In other news, Trust Tax exam tomorrow. Can't hardly wait.

[Comments] (1) Ironic: So it rained all weekend and now my car is clean--compliments of Mother Earth. I knew the world owed me a living....

Susie and I spent the weekend in Park City at Justin's cabin. Someone drained the hot tub, and is now on our hit list. But other than that we had fun. We got fried ice cream, yummy Vietnamese food, and Susie got spoiled beyond belief. Then yesterday we had a party for all the September birthdays in the family. Franko and I played hide-and-go seek with the kids while Jodi and Susie took the high road and talked to the adults. Their loss; I'd rather party with the kids the whole time anyway.

[Comments] (4) Forward Thinking: So what's the deal for Thanksgiving? I mean, who's inviting us where? And for Christmas, since it's our last year in Utah, we are staying here. So who's coming to visit us? Uncle Jon's house is huge now, and there's always the option of a cozy condo in Park City....

[Comments] (16) Sold Out: Michael Moore is coming to Utah. Sorry mom and Rachel, you can't come. It's sold out. But since I'll never see his movie (it's rated R) I do need to at least find out more about his views, I think.

Though I would most likely disagree with his political agenda, I am still thoroughly disgusted with the intolerance levels students display at his coming. Oh well, what can I expect from undergrads anyway?


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