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[Comments] (1) Ironic: So it rained all weekend and now my car is clean--compliments of Mother Earth. I knew the world owed me a living....

Susie and I spent the weekend in Park City at Justin's cabin. Someone drained the hot tub, and is now on our hit list. But other than that we had fun. We got fried ice cream, yummy Vietnamese food, and Susie got spoiled beyond belief. Then yesterday we had a party for all the September birthdays in the family. Franko and I played hide-and-go seek with the kids while Jodi and Susie took the high road and talked to the adults. Their loss; I'd rather party with the kids the whole time anyway.


Posted by Susie at Mon Sep 20 2004 12:34

I played at least 5 rounds of hide-and-go-seek, PLUS tickle fights.

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