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[Comments] (4) Forward Thinking: So what's the deal for Thanksgiving? I mean, who's inviting us where? And for Christmas, since it's our last year in Utah, we are staying here. So who's coming to visit us? Uncle Jon's house is huge now, and there's always the option of a cozy condo in Park City....


Posted by Susie at Wed Sep 22 2004 11:34

For the record, we are invited to Uncle Jon's for Thanksgiving, although we won't be here.

Posted by Sumana at Wed Sep 22 2004 12:25

I will be in Washington, DC this Thanksgiving, visiting my sister. No plans yet for Christmas.

Posted by Frances at Wed Sep 22 2004 18:42

We are all invited to Leonard and Jeff's for Thanksgiving. I talked to Leonard this week and we decided that Susie and John can have the queen size bed in the guest room, Rachel can sleep in Leonardw's study, and I will sleep on the blow up bed at Leonardr's house.

I guess I'll have to come to Utah for Christmas.

Posted by Susie at Thu Sep 23 2004 08:04

Yay! You are the best, mommy!!!!!!

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