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[Comments] (3) Calling all LA gurus: This is especially for mom and Rachel. So where can I find a website that shows transit (light rai, metro, trains) in LA? If I live in Mission Viejo at my sister's house this summer and intern in Warner Center (Woodland Hills), what options to I have that don't require me to drive on the 405?


Posted by rachel at Fri Jan 23 2004 12:43

I did some online research of public transportation when I was apartment hunting, and the MTA (which I think you would be using) website sucks. No maps of routes or anything. The rail thingy I think you would want to use, and I think that's MTA... *shrug*

Posted by Frances at Fri Jan 23 2004 13:48

I honestly think you would be better off in this case staying with me. It's a little farther, but not all that much, and the commute is so much easier. Mission Viejo to Woodland Hills would be a nightmare, and if so, the train is the only way to go. I know nothing about the train. But if you stayed with me you would have about an hour and 15 minute drive on I-5. I guess that sounds Unfun, doesn't it? Don't we know ANYONE in the valley?

Posted by John at Fri Jan 23 2004 20:19

Well, I won't find out if I will be in the OC, LA, or Woodland Hills until the next two weeks anyway. If the train is 2 hours or less I'll take it because I get reimbursed for it, and I can just read and keep miles off the car. But if it's too expensive or too much of a hassle, I may stay with you. It's amazing that your house is about 40 more miles, but would be faster than going to Orange County. That's the reason I like Woodland Hills over LA. We can live somewhere nicer and avoid the extra traffic associated with it all.


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