Traffic for 2004 January 27 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (5) Happiness is...: Job offers. We were supposed to go to John & Sharon's last night for FHE, but sat in traffic for 45 minutes and were still only in Pleasant Grove. Bummer. But while sitting in the car I got two job offers! The first was from PriceWaterhouseCoopers for their LA office. They are taking Susie and me skiing this weekend at Sundance, and will let me know when my office visit is scheduled.

Then Ernst & Young called. I was really shocked they called because they told me they wouldn't make a decision until after their USC interviews next week. But they called, meaning they like me, they really like me. They are my first choice, because the office is in Orange County, and I went there for a week last summer and really enjoyed it. I fly out February 24.

Still waiting to hear from KPMG. I interviewed for their Woodland Hills office, in an attempt to put us closer to Bakersfield and out of downtown LA. They told me they would let me know later this week. They are my second choice. Anyway, so far so good. It's such a relief!!


Posted by Sumana at Tue Jan 27 2004 09:52

Woohoo! Congratulations! *noisemaker, kazoo, "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow"*

Posted by Frances at Tue Jan 27 2004 10:37

Go John!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Alyson at Tue Jan 27 2004 13:24

Wow--Way to go!

Posted by kristen at Tue Jan 27 2004 16:20

We sat in traffic too, and we still went. ;) j/k Congrats!

Posted by rachel at Tue Jan 27 2004 16:50



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